Did The Holy Spirit Abandon Jesus On The Cross?


Is it is possible that Jesus was abandoned by the Holy Spirit in his last hours on the cross? My idea is that he was abandoned just like many people are going to find out that the Holy Spirit is no longer among them after the rapture. What is your opinion on this please?


It’s my understanding that Jesus was abandoned by both the Father and the Holy Spirit while on the cross. For 3 hours He hung there alone while the world went dark around Him. This is what made Him cry, “My God, my God. Why have you forsaken me?” just before He died. (Matt. 27:45-50) As He took the sins of the world upon Himself they could no longer be in His presence and had to turn their backs on Him.

However, the Holy Spirit will not abandon the world in the same way. After we get to Heaven, the Holy Spirit will return to the world to draw more people to the Lord. But He won’t be sealed in the hearts of Tribulation believers the way He was with the Church. Rev. 14:12 tells they will have to obey God’s commandments and remain faithful to Jesus to keep themselves saved.