What Could Cause The US To Abandon Israel?


I feel like I’m writing to a friend every time I’ve asked you a question.Bless you and
everyone in your ministry.

There is a certain person,hoping to get the nomination for president, who has some background in Islam. If this person would become our next president and the battle of Ezekiel is as close as we believe it is, could this be why the US would stand down and not come to the aid if Israel?

Could you elaborate on the scenario of this person winning and what his role could be, not just in the US, but in the Middle East? It seems that this could be a person that Jews and Muslims alike might accept. I hope this doesn’t seem too wacky a question, but as a lover of God’s prophecy ,it looks like a red flag to me. I don’t see the anti-Christ in every leader or around every corner,but I do hear the footsteps of the Messiah!


I haven’t thought much about the person you’re referring to because unless several other front runners from both major parties make huge mistakes I don’t think he can be nominated, much less elected.

But if the Church is gone, and if the US has been sufficiently weakened militarily or economically, then any president could abandon Israel and get away with it. I think it’s much more interesting to watch the re-emergence of the Kings of the North (Iran Syria, etc) and the South (Egypt and Saudi Arabia) and their growing influence in the Middle East. The way things are going it won’t be long before their clout in the region exceeds ours.