Will Sanctions Against Russia Cause Ezekiel 38?


I am wondering if the current sanctions placed on Russia by the EU and US might be the catalyst for the Ezekiel 38 war. My understanding is that Putin has a strong interest in the oil reserves in Israel. Could an economic downturn in Russia resulting from these sanctions motivate the invasion?


My understanding of Ezekiel 38:11 is that this battle cannot take place until the people of Israel believe themselves to be living in peace and are not expecting an attack. This is certainly not the case today. They know they are at war with Hamas, and that others are threatening to join in against them. Until they no longer feel threatened by their next door neighbors I don’t believe the battle of Ezekiel 38 will take place. Personally, I think it will take the fulfillment of Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 to make conditions right for Ezekiel 38.