Is Russia In Ezekiel 38?


A Christian blogger has said that the joint exercise involving Syria, China, Russia and Iran can’t be leading to Ezekiel 38 because Russia and China are are not in Ezekiel’s prophecy. Is that correct? I always thought that at least Russia was part of it.


This man is one of a handful of observers who don’t believe modern Russia is referenced in Ezekiel 38 as Magog. Most scholars disagree with the exclusion of Russia, but do concur that China is not mentioned in the Ezekiel 38 scenario.

Personally I don’t think we’re seeing the run up to Ezekiel 38 either, although I do believe that the current moves by Russia, China and Iran are very threatening. Of course, this is just what they intend. It’s a reaction to a group of Western and Arab nations announcing their intention to take military action against Syria’s leadership. These nations are not part of the Ezekiel 38 line up either, which is further confirmation that we’re not heading into Ezekiel 38 just yet.

And remember, Ezekiel 38:11 says that this attack will come at a time when Israel doesn’t expect it, and when it will also be a surprise to other countries (Ezekiel 38:13). I think amassing 90,000 personnel, 400 aircraft, and 900 battle tanks, along with 12 Chinese warships and several Russian surface ships and submarines all arriving in the Eastern Mediterranean at the same time is meant to be a decidedly public move.