Russia’s Involvement In Ezekiel 38


In the upcoming battle of Gog/Magog is it possible that that majority of the direct Russian involvement in this battle is more by military advisors and Russian equipment (such as in Vietnam and the Korean war)? I don’t hear much about Russia hating or wanting the destruction of Israel but all the other countries or regions mentioned in Biblical Prophecy definitely hate the Jews. I know Syria and Lybia and some in Turkey get a great deal of Russian equipment and military weapons. Aside from that there doesn’t seem to be any incentive for Russia to attack, does there? Other than they can sell more weapons to some of those countries around Israel who wish to attack them.


Some scholars believe the wording of Ezekiel 38 indicates that Russia will be the primary source of arms for this battle. But it’s clear that that Russia will be represented among the invading troops as well. Russia is also accused of attacking for the purpose of stealing Israel’s wealth (Ezek. 38:13). Since Israel currently doesn’t have much wealth, some speculate that the recent gas discovery and the anticipated oil strikes will make Israel very wealthy and will provide the incentive for Russia’s involvement in the attack.