Does The Devil Cause Bad Weather?


It is my understanding that the bad weather (earthquakes, tornados, etc.) that we have now are demonic and not ‘acts of God’. I have found many scriptures that I feel back this indirectly but none that say directly that the weather we are having is from the evil in the world. Can you help me?


I don’t believe that storms are demonic activity rather than acts of God. I believe that the very first storm on Planet Earth produced the Great Flood, a judgment from God that came as the result of demonic activity. The Principle of First Mention would lead us to conclude that devastating storms are a form of judgment for sin, so I guess you can say that there’s at least an indirect relationship there. In effect, God told Noah that these storms would continue to come but they would never again be as bad as the first one had been. The rainbow is a sign that reminds us of His promise. (Genesis 9:12-16)

An impressive study has been made comparing the occurrence of killer storms with efforts by the West in general and the US in particular to force Israel to give up a portion of its land. If accurate, this would support the judgment theory.

And finally, Jesus said that the increase of both frequency and intensity of earthquakes would be a sign that the End is drawing near. (Matt. 24:7-8)