Extreme Weather And The End Times


I just saw on CNN news that Europe is experiencing extreme weather conditions, floods, droughts and heat. As you know the USA is also experiencing extreme weather. I would like to know if you believe this has to do with the end times. It seems peculiar that it is the USA and Europe since we are the nations that might be trying to get Israel to divide Jerusalem. I have also noticed that the news does not seem to talk about the weather conditions as much as one would think if it is as severe as it seems.


Jesus said that extreme weather would be one of the “birth pangs” that indicated the nearness of the End of the Age. Earthquakes and the roaring and tossing of the sea are specifically mentioned. And several sites on the web have demonstrated that a comparison of efforts to force Israel to give up land for peace with the occurrence of extreme weather defies coincidence.

There has been unusual weather in both the USA and Southern Europe, but the hurricane season here has been very calm so far.

It looks as though Israel will soon be persuaded to give up almost all of its Biblical heartland to the Palestinians. We should watch to see, if this latest push to trade land for peace comes off, what the weather will bring as a response.