Did The Jews Understand?


I enjoy your site very much, thank you for what you do! If gentiles hear the message of salvation but don’t accept it because they don’t understand it then we believe they will get another chance during the tribulation. But if they hear it and reject it, they won’t. What about the Jews?

If they are truly Jewish then you assume they understand the concept of the redeemer even though they don’t believe it is Jesus, right? Yet there will be 144,000 of them chosen after the rapture to be witnesses. So, since gentiles who hear the message and deny it will not get a second chance after the rapture then why will the Jews? Am I totally misguided in this area?


When Jesus came to Israel the first time it was clear the religious leaders did not understand the concept of the Redeemer. They were looking for a warrior King who would drive out their enemies and restore their Kingdom to them. They didn’t believe they were sinners in need of a Savior because they believed that keeping the Law would save them. You could say they understood the prophecies of the 2nd Coming, but not those of the 1st Coming. In the time leading up to the 2nd Coming, many will finally understand and be saved.