Did They Hear It Or Didn’t They?


In the book of Acts when Luke tells of Saul’s conversion in chapter 9 v 7, he says those that were with Saul heard a voice but saw no man. Then in chapter 22 v 9, Paul tells it that they who were with him saw the light, but did not hear the voice that spoke to him. Why are we reading two different versions of this amazing event ? Thank you.


I think what we have here is more of a translation problem than anything else. The Greek word translated voice in Acts 9:7 and in Acts 22:9 also means sound. And the word translated hear in both passages also means understand. The men could have heard a sound like a voice, but not have understood what it was saying. This is a reasonable translation of both verses, but without any contradiction. Paul was the one who was there, and He told it to Luke who wrote it down. He wouldn’t have contradicted himself.