Dinosaurs And The Great Pyramid


I’m just curious as to a couple of your essays. One concerning dinosaurs and the other about the great pyramid. In the one about dinosaurs you state that they came about as a result of genetic manipulation by Satan and his fallen angels. In the other article you state that the great pyramid was created by Ham I think. One of Noah’s sons.

What I’d like to know, is this speculation on your part based on the biblical stories? Or do you have any particular references in the bible, or else where, that gives these ideas? Im not trying to discount your ideas… I just find them interesting, as you are the first person Ive heard them from. I would find it interesting to learn your viewpoints.

By the way keep up the good work on the site. Your teaching about bible prophecy and the end times is clear and concise and well supported by scripture quotes. Which is nice, when trying to verify against the bible. Like the Bereans we must always be diligent to verify against the bible.


The notion of dinosaurs coming about as the result of Satan’s genetic manipulation comes from extra-biblical sources. But when you think about it, would God create monsters with brains too small to control their bodies? Or skeletons too weak to support their mass? How about giant birds that require an atmosphere three times as dense as ours to fly?

These characteristics of some dinosaurs were determined by scientists examining the fossil record. When God finished creating the animals He proclaimed everything good. Would He have felt good about creating these freaks? And if Noah was told to bring 2 of every kind of animal into the ark, why weren’t there dinosaurs after the flood? So while there’s no clear Biblical evidence of my position, I arrived at it by applying logic to my knowledge of God’s creative power and skill.

As far as the Great Pyramid is concerned, most of my information is a summary of the volumes of extra-biblical study done by credible people from varied backgrounds, Biblical and scientific, down through the years. I stated that some believe Shem could have been it’s principal architect and listed other candidates as well. But no one knows who actually did build it. Currently, the Nephilim, a race of angel/man hybrids mentioned in Genesis 6 who appear to have controlled much of Planet Earth before the flood are being proposed as the most likely candidates.

There is much about man’s earliest history that remains unknown, and piques the curiosity of folks like you and me. The challenge is to not contradict things the Bible does say while giving added insight into these things. My goal in presenting my findings is to always do so in a manner that both supports and encourages further study into our Lord’s nature and character.