Were Dinosaurs ‘Named’ By Adam?


Were dinosaurs ‘named’ by Adam? Isn’t that a good question? Think about it. Why is it all animals have a name from Adam and they all carried over after the flood…except for dinosaurs? I understand the word ‘dinosaur’ became a word in 1841. I also understand that the words dragon and Behemoth that are found in the bible are most likely talking about a dinosaur. So, why do dinosaurs have names from recent discoveries in the fossil record but not the name that Adam chose? And, I believe with all my heart dinosaurs were on the Ark of Noah. I look forward to your answer. Many blesses to you all there at Grace Thru Faith.


Dragon, behemoth, and leviathan are all words that appear in the Old testament and are thought by some to refer to dinosaurs. But the specific meanings of these words is unclear so no one really knows for sure. The fire breathing dragon appears in enough mythologies to have probably existed at some time. The word dinosaur was coined in 1841 and means terrifying lizard.

Some say dinosaurs disappeared millions of years ago when a giant meteor strike raised a cloud of dust and smoke that blotted out the sun’s light and killed off all the vegetation they ate, essentially starving them out.

Others believe the dinosaurs were abominations that perished in Noah’s flood. All we know for sure is that there don’t deem to be any around today, and the only real evidence we have of their existence is in the fossil record.

I don’t think we can prove that animals of today are still known by the names Adam gave them. And as for dinosaurs we don’t know if Adam named them or not, only that if he did he didn’t use the word dinosaur. Neither do we know for sure what specific animals Noah took on the ark.

I believe that dinosaurs as we know them were the result of genetic tinkering by Satan and the Nephilim and were destroyed in the flood. Although God must have originally created them, since only He could do so, I don’t think that his version looked or acted anything like the fossil record indicates. If I’m right then it’s logical that if there were two left who hadn’t been tampered with and were still in their original form, then Noah took them with him. But as far as I’m concerned all our speculation about the dinosaurs, whether from scientists or creationists, is just that – speculation.