Two Different Men, Both Named Jesus


My daughter floored me yesterday. She is a born again Christian but read on facebook where an Islamic man claimed that after his research the Jesus of the Bible and the Jesus spoken of in the Koran are one and the same. I told her this is not true and that Allah and God are not one and the same either. I don’t want her to go down the Chrislam road as many seem to be doing these days. What proof can I give her to help her see this? I don’t want to buy a copy of the Koran.


There is a figure named Jesus in the Koran, but He’s not the Son of God and He didn’t die for their sins. Instead He’s a prophet, a messenger from Allah who will come with Mohamed at the end of the age. You don’t have to buy a Koran to find out what it says about Jesus. Just Google, “Jesus in the Koran” you’ll find a number of sites that will show you what the Koran says about Jesus. Compare that with the Biblical account and you’ll see they are not the same.