Who Created Dinosaurs?


I was reading on (another website) today, for the first time and I wondered about the truth that the dinasours being created on the 6th day. Is this true? Were they created on the same day as man? I have been reading your website for several weeks now and I trust your knowledge. It agrees with my spirit and with that being said I thought I would ask you about the dinosaur theory. This website says that the dinosaurs were created by God but is that true?


The Bible says that both animals and man were created on the 6th day.(Genesis 1:24-26) It doesn’t mention dinosaurs specifically, but then the word didn’t exist when the Bible was written, and the account of the creation doesn’t mention any animals by name.

It’s likely that God did create dinosaurs although not in a form recognizable to us. According to the fossil record, some had bodies too big for their skeletons, while others had brains too small to function properly. There were giant birds that couldn’t fly and animals so huge they had to remain in water to support their bulk. This doesn’t sound like God’s work to me. Remember, at the end of Day 6 He pronounced everything good.

The apocryphal Book of Enoch hints that Satan was tinkering with animal genetics after the Creation just like he did with mankind. His tinkering with the human gene pool produced the Nephilim, a half breed mix of angel and man that took over the world and was a major cause for Noah’s flood.

To me many of the dinosaurs look more like a science experiment gone bad than the handiwork of the Creator of the Universe. I think Satan was messing with them, as another way to corrupt God’s perfect Creation.