Dinosaurs In The Book Of Job?


I’ve been on the net studying dinosaurs in the bible and it appears that the “Kronosaurus” (leviathan) is talked about in Job 41, Isiah 27:1, and Psalm 104:25,26 and the “Brachiosaurus” (behmoth) is talked about in Job 40:15-24. If these animals are dinosaurs, how could they have escaped the flood? What are your thoughts on this?


The biggest word in your question is “if”. Scholars are not certain as to exactly what animals Job was referring to. It does appear that one was a large land animal (behemoth) while according to Psalm 104:26 the other lived in the sea (Leviathan). If so, leviathan could have theoretically survived the flood. The language of the Bible does not require that these animals be dinosaurs, despite the efforts of young-earth creationists to make them so.