Distracted By Another Woman


My husband and I just started a Bible class at Church and this past Sunday, a woman walked into the class and as she was sitting down could not take her eyes off my husband, and he kept looking at her as if they knew each other. I realized it was a women that he had saved a picture of in one of those dating sites I had found when we were dating at the beginning when we got together. He doesn’t realize I figured it out, but it really has been bothering me. He denies it. Should we find a different class, I don’t even know what the class was about because I was so preoccupied with this matter?


If you’re unable to focus on the class, there’s not much to be gained from being there. Find a different one that you and your husband can both enjoy without distraction.

If you’re saying you believe that this is a woman your husband had a prior relationship with, but that he denies it, then somebody has to be wrong. The two of you need to come to a resolution about this to avoid doing damage to your relationship.

You didn’t say if this woman regularly attends your church, but if she does you’re bound to cross paths again, and each time you do it’ll be a problem unless it’s resolved now.