How Were Man And Woman Created?


Help!! KJV – Gen 1:27 – God created Man – male and female? Then Gen 2:7 God formed man from dust and breathed life into him? I cannot find and clear understanding of these two passages. So was the first created man both male and female? And then the man “formed” from dust? Thanks much!


It’s confusing until you discover that Genesis 1 is God’s account of the Creation, and beginning in Genesis 2:4 we get Adam’s version of the same events. That’s why you’ll see some of the same information in both chapters but stated slightly differently.

God created the man first and then the woman, but Genesis 1:27 is just a summary statement saying that He created them both. In Genesis 2:7 Adam provided details as to how God created him, and in Genesis 2:22 explained how and when Eve came to be.