Distributing Our Tithes


You have written some good studies on tithing. I am interested in your thoughts regarding “the storehouse” – – is it the local church only or can it be any ministry that” feeds” the saints?


In Biblical times the Levites held the only stores of grains, etc. for distribution to the poor and indigent. The Temple was the single repository for money given to the Lord. Today you have many church and para-church organizations whose stated goals are helping the poor.

In my view, believers should help support their home church because that’s their principal place of fellowship with the Lord, and where the bulk of their spiritual needs are met. But I don’t feel they’re required to bring all their tithes and offerings into that one storehouse. There are many specialized ministries today. Some provide services that touch our hearts in a particular way, and meet needs our local church can’t or doesn’t choose to meet. There’s nothing wrong with allocating a portion of our resources to these other ministries as well, as the Lord leads us.