Distributing Our Tithes


I must say that I agree 110% with you, Jack, about everything you’ve had to say lately about the tithe. I am blessed beyond measure to be able to give to my Church and to other of God’s purposes.

My question is about splitting those gifts up amongst my local Church (lions share), and various other Christian ministries that one might be led to support such as food banks, adopt a child overseas, donations to missionaries, and of course web sites like yours, RaptureReady, RaptureAlert, etc.

Should we give the full 10% tithe to our local Church or can a portion be given with the remainder going towards those other things one might be led to support? If one is giving at least the minimum 10% (and hopefully more should one be able) does it matter to God how we split it up? Say someone sees a great deal on canned goods and is led to buy up cases of food to give to the food bank. Would that be considered acceptable as a part of the tithe too? I’m not trying to get all legalistic with this. After all any giving done with the right motive is really what it’s all about, right? But that is ‘MY logic’ and we are warned not to base our decisions on how we might think or feel about something. I’m seeking to know the right thing in Gods eyes. What does the Bible have to say about all of this, if anything?

Once again thank you for one of the greatest web sites on the Internet. You have a great way of cutting right to the root of tough issues using scripture and I’ve learned much from your ministry. Thank you for your help and I pray that God will bless you beyond measure.


There is no clear Biblical instruction concerning the distribution of either your tithe or offerings. Each believer is free to do this as the Lord leads. If you listen carefully the Holy Spirit will prompt you and guide you in your giving just as He does in other areas of your life.

You’ll know you’ve got it right when you experience the joy in your giving that God intended, and when you begin asking Him to increase your resources so that you can increase your giving. It sounds like your approach, the lion’s share of your giving going to your local fellowship and the rest as the Lord leads, is working for you.