Divorcing An Unbeliever. Follow Up


Regarding your reply to “Divorcing an Unbeliever”. How do you reconcile what Paul says in the verses you quote (1Cor. 7:13,15,16) with what Jesus states unequivocally in Matt. 5:31,32? I feel that a lot of the time, Paul takes far too many liberties with what Jesus actually taught. I am interested in hearing your rationale in this instance.


Have you considered that since both Jesus and Paul spoke through the inspiration of the same Holy Spirit, they had to be speaking of one mind in all things? Therefore if we think there’s a difference it has to be due to our misunderstanding, not their words. Jesus was saying that for believers adultery is the only legitimate cause for divorce. In effect, Paul was saying a believer must not divorce an unbeliever for any other cause, but if the unbeliever leaves for whatever reason the believer is not bound to the marriage.