Divorcing For Financial Reasons?


Is it okay to get a divorce for financial reasons? My husband and I have talked about this. My previous husband passed away. My current husband and I are just scraping by. If we were to get a divorce, I could receive Social Security from my previous marriage again. This would be my last option. I myself feel God would not honor the divorce for that reason. Can you help me out with this?


You would have two problems by divorcing your husband for financial reasons. First, lack of money is not a Biblically approved reason for divorce, and second if you and your husband continued living together you would be committing fraud against the government by claiming you aren’t married when in fact you would still be living like husband and wife. This would violate the commandment against stealing.

I suggest you bring the Lord into the picture, put Him first in your life, and ask Him to help you find a way to make ends meet. If you do your part, He has promised to do His (Matt. 6:31-33).