Do We Have His Name Wrong?


Greetings in our savior’s name Yeshua. As you know, Yeshua is Hebrew and means salvation. Whereas “Jesus” in Hebrew means nothing. We all seem to accept that the word Jesus is right, because of tradition. And tradition voids the meaning of Our Saviour Yeshua. I can see a hand of the Devil here and he loves to have us use the wrong word in getting the message out. It merits consideration for us to share among other born again believers why we address Our Lord as Yeshua.


Jesus doesn’t mean anything in Hebrew because it’s an English word. Specifically, it’s the English version of a word that’s the Greek form of the Lord’s Hebrew name. This Greek word was used in all the earliest manuscripts of the New Testament and everyone knew it was the Lord’s name.

Untold millions of people have called on the Lord using the English form of His name and have been saved. Millions of others have translated His name into their native languages with the same result. If the devil has tricked us into saying the Lord’s name incorrectly, he certainly didn’t accomplish anything.