Does Matt. 10:21-23 Apply To Us Now?


One of my young (18 years old) granddaughters posted an open question about the meaning of Matt. 10:21-23 on her facebook wall. I wanted to try to answer her so I read the entire tenth chapter for a better grasp of the context, but this left me totally without an answer to her question, so I decided to ask you for your thoughts on these verses. Thank you very much for your consideration.


Jesus began by preparing the disciples for their first missionary journey (Matt. 10:5-16). In verses 17-20 He was looking ahead to the time after His death and resurrection, and Matt. 10:21-22 have to do with the end of the age when the anti-Christ tries to destroy the Jewish people altogether. Notice how Matt. 10:21-22 compares with Matt. 24: 9-13. Several times the same words and phrases are used in both, and Matt. 24:9-13 is clearly about the end of the age.

Jesus was speaking specifically to His disciples but Matt. 10:21-23 was directed through them to Jews who accept Jesus as their Savior after the Church is gone. We know this because the Church does not have to stand firm to the end to be saved. Our salvation was guaranteed from the moment we first believed (Ephes. 1:13-14). No such promise will be given to post-Church believers.