Does Romans 11:25 Really Apply to the Rapture?


I love your website and have learned so very much through your explanations and teachings. My question today is, if we as the Church are considered a called out people and are neither Jew nor Gentile anymore, why does the Romans 11:25 verse apply to the rapture? I know that after the rapture of the Church God will return to his dealings with Israel, but was unsure if the Fullness of the Gentiles really applies to the Church.


In part, Romans 11:25 says Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of the Gentiles has come in. Then, Romans 11:26 speaks of Israel being saved, implying it will happen after the Gentiles have come in. This applies to the Church in the sense that the group of Gentiles has to be gone before Israel turns back to the Lord for Daniel’s 70th Week. The Church is the only group of previously Gentile people about whom this is true.

I think this idea originated in Acts 15:13-18 when James explained that Israel was being set aside while the Lord takes a people for Himself from among the Gentiles. (The Greek word translated take in verse 14 means to carry away). Then He will once again turn His attention to Israel. When viewed together these two references confirm our departure prior to Daniel’s 70th Week.