Does The Church Come Back To Live On Earth?


You wrote last week: “The armies of Heaven will be with Him (Rev. 19:14), as will the Church (Rev. 17:14).” So we will return to earth after the tribulation. But your position is that we will not remain on earth for the 1000 yrs?


The Bible tells us the armies of Heaven and the Church are both with Jesus when He returns. But Zech. 14:4 mentions only Jesus actually setting foot on the ground . The others are seen in the air. And later, the same is true of the New Jerusalem. It’s described coming down out of Heaven, but never landing on Earth (Rev. 21:2). It’s a good thing, too. At about 1/6th the size of Earth it’s too big to put anywhere, except in a low Earth orbit. The Church will dwell in the New Jerusalem, not on Earth (Rev. 21:27).