Where Does God Live?


I been reading your articles about gap theory in Genesis 1 and I completely agree but something came into my mind in Revelation where it says that God will dwell with men in the new Jerusalem and I believe that with all my heart because it is His word but I been wondering who will inhabit the heaven where our God lives and how about the angels since there are legions of angels? Or maybe He can be in both places at all times? Is there any reference in the bible that you know that I can read about it? I am always blessed and praising God in my heart every time I read your works.


God is described by theologians as being omni-present. This means that He’s everywhere at once. A scientist might describe this as being multi-dimensional, able to exist in several dimensions simultaneously. He can be fully in the Spiritual realm and fully in the Physical realm at the same time. So to answer your question, He’ll be in both places all the time.