Why Does God Let Them Live?


In regards to people who are against Christ, and the word of God, what purpose did God have for them when he created them? Why are they allowed to continue living such long lives, when they damage His name and lead so many people astray?


God did not create us to control us but to love us. The fact that He knows the end from the beginning does not necessarily mean that He will manipulate the outcome. We make our own decisions. For example, He knew that even after waiting 400 years for the Amorites to repent and return to Him, they wouldn’t do it. But He waited anyway. (Gen. 15:13-16) It was their decision.

The highest form of love is to give us the freedom to accept or reject His love even though He knows that rejecting Him is a bad choice for us. He’s done everything that could be reasonably expected to reveal Himself to us and express His love for us. And He outlined the rewards we would get for accepting His love and the consequences of rejecting it. Then He gave us the absolute freedom to choose. The rest is up to us.