Does The Future Even Matter?


Since we’re living in the End Times, there are times I wonder if the things I’m doing matter at all. I know I should be a good steward of the gifts and blessings God has given me, but sometimes I get discouraged. I’m a 20-year-old college student, and when I think that the rapture is going to happen soon, I sometimes wonder if the things I’m doing for the future even matter at all if they never come to fruition. Honestly, the sooner we go to Heaven, the better it is. But I also feel sad at times when I think that I won’t receive any rewards at the Bema Seat. I haven’t lived life out as long as others nor do I feel like I have done much for God’s Kingdom.


Many young people have regrets about the likelihood that they won’t be able to achieve their life goals, and it’s not just because of the rapture. Some wonder if our economy will ever be big enough to support everyone’s dreams again.

But the hope of a successful self-directed life on Earth is a man-made concept that has never been taught in the Bible. In Matt 6:33-34 Jesus told us to make His Kingdom and His righteousness our first priority and not worry about the future. And in Romans 12:1-2 Paul advised us not to conform to the patterns of this world but to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice to the Lord. If these things have been true throughout the Church age, how much more so are they true today, on the verge of His return for us?

Also, Bema Seat rewards are not based on the length of our Christian life. They’re based solely on what we do with the time we’re given. The best cure for your discouragement would be to offer the remainder of your life to the Lord to use as it suits Him. You’ll be amazed at how much He can accomplish when He has a willing partner, and you’ll have the time of your remaining life in the bargain, not to mention rewards that will last for all eternity.