What They Teach Does Matter


I was a member of a major conservative denomination for about ten years. When I joined I told the pastor and elders I did not agree with their eschatology and they said it didn’t matter. However, it did matter and knowing they are Replacement Theology, Amillennial, Preterist, Allegorical, etc. I eventually had to leave. I am concerned for my many friends in that church and throughout the denomination. They are Christians, but they are not aware of the truth that is presented about Israel, and also the end times. You know this, I am sure, but what can we do for such a very large problem regarding those we care about?


Knowing something about this denomination, I know they officially adhere to much of the false teaching you mentioned. Their eschatological position leaves them in the dark and/or in error about the End Times. But those who have accepted the Lord’s death as payment for their sins will go in the rapture with the rest of us, even though they don’t believe in it. In the mean time you can pray that the Lord will show them where their official positions depart from Biblical truth.