Does The Lord Honor My Tithe?


My husband and I differ on tithing. He gladly gives to the church and if there is any special need or project he will give, but he does not believe that we have to give the 10% all the time. On the other hand, I do, and since I’m the one that writes the check I tithe the 10%, but I base it on my earnings and not his. I have read that this is not acceptable to God and my tithe is not honored because I am going behind his back to do it. What do you think is right?



Someone is misleading you. Your husband’s attitude about tithing does not prevent you from expressing yours. Suppose he was a non-believer, opposed to Christianity. Would that mean the Lord would not honor your request for salvation? Of course not. We are each responsible for our own beliefs and for our own response to the Lord’s free gift of salvation.