Why Doesn’t He Change?


All Satan really has to do to “win” against God is to make something God said was going to happen, NOT happen. God proves He is God by giving us prophecy, history written in advance. All Satan would have to do to prove the God of the Bible false is to mess up a prophecy, right? For instance, Satan could choose NOT to have the Anti-Christ stand in the Holy of Holies and declare himself to be God in the middle of the Daniel’s 70th week. This is making a prophecy fail. It seems simple to me, why doesn’t Satan just change his plan?


I’m sure you understand there’s no way Satan can win. But the reason he doesn’t change his strategy is that he is convinced that he can defeat God. His ego is such that even though he knows what the Bible says, he believes the Bible is wrong and that He will prevail in the end.

Many humans are just like that. They know what the Bible says, but they believe it is wrong so they don’t see any need to change. They believe their position will prevail in the end.