Don’t Come Yet Lord!


During recent discussions with members of the Church regarding the end-times events which are unfolding on the world scene, I have been surprised by the negative comments regarding the rapidly approaching return of Jesus. Several professing Christians have expressed their desire that there be enough time remaining which would allow them to “experience a full life.” Some of the most common comments are as follow:

“I want to see my kids grow up.”
“I have some things that I want to do first.”
“I want to serve God longer.”

Most of these people would agree that they are tired of the evil we face every day and that things are getting worse. I am baffled by their desire to remain in our current state of existence. Do their reasons for wanting to continue in this life conflict with the sentiment of 1 John 2:15-17?


Yes, people who say these things are in conflict with 1 John 2:15-17. They don’t understand the times we’re in. They have a secular world view and expect life to go on as it always has until we disappear some say. They can be compared to the Jews who didn’t understand what the Promised Land would be like and demanded that Moses take them back to Egypt.

Anybody who really understands what’s coming upon the world and what’s waiting for us in Heaven would be praying that the Lord takes us as soon as possible. And they would especially want their kids out of here.