Don’t Measure The Outer Court


John’s measuring of the temple in Rev. 11:2 didn’t include the outer court, because it had been given to the gentiles. Is this a result of PM Olmert giving the temple mount to the muslims? The rumors say he’s going to give half of Jerusalem to the Muslims as well. What are your thoughts on this?


I don’t believe the so-called Tribulation Temple will be built in Jerusalem. The Bible only mentions 3 Temples, two of which have been built and destroyed. The 3rd Temple is described in detail in the last 8 chapters of Ezekiel and if you plot the location given in Ezekiel 48 you’ll find it’s in the ancient town of Shiloh a few miles north of Jerusalem.

All the other Biblical reasons for the Shiloh Temple location are contained in my article the The Coming Temple