Outer Most Parts Of Heaven


What a time to be alive and studying the Word of God!!

Could you explain what is meant in Deut. 30:4 by the phrase, outer most parts of heaven, would this be heaven but away from God?


The phrase outer most parts of heaven is being used figuratively in Deut. 30:4.

God was telling the Israelites that after they became unfaithful they would be scattered and the land would become useless. But then in the last days they would return to Him, and when they did He would have compassion on them, and would gather them together in the Land again.

As a way of showing His sincerety He promised that even if they’d been scattered “to the outer most parts of heaven” He would bring them back. He was using exaggeration to make his point because there’s no way they could be scattered that far. Today we would use a phrase like “outer space”, or the “edge of the universe” to convey the same meaning.