Dress For Respect


Hello, and thank you again for your wonderful website. I read it every day! It has given me so much comfort and new-found knowledge of the scriptures.

I was perusing through the Q&A section and read an article on prayer-veils, specifically that women should cover their heads when praying or prophesying. I’ve done some more reading on the matter, and I believe as you do, that it isn’t just “custom” but an obligation out of respect and reverence. Which then brings me to my real concerns/questions.

I talk to God all the time. Especially when I am in the car, or strolling my little one out-side etc… But I don’t “pray” all the time. I have tried to make a habit of praying once a day, but I’m not yet there consistently. I guess I have always treated prayers differently. When I pray, I find a quiet place where I can kneel and bow my head and be formal and reverent, but I would hate to think I was being disrespectful during my one-way “chats” as I go about my daily business! So needless to say, am I being disrespectful when “talking” to God with my head uncovered?

I don’t want to stop casually talking to God. But what’s the difference between talking to God and praying to God? Should all of my conversing be in “prayer” style? Does he not hear me, or answer me unless I pray to him appropriately?


Think of the Lord as your best friend. Informal chats or impromptu get-togethers are “come-as-you-are”. It’s a kind of intimacy that best friends afford each other. For a special event, like a fixed appointment, or going out together, or meeting in a public place, you try to look your best and observe appropriate customs, out of respect.

But the Lord’s grace being what it is, whether we dress and act respectfully or not, as long as we’re not harboring any unconfessed sin He hears our prayers and answers them.