Respect For Celestial Beings


The archangel Michael “dared not” bring a “railing accusation” against Satan. He spoke politely and commended him to God to deal with him. Yet, I have heard/read Christian ministers speak harshly, rudely, to curse and abuse and rail against, Satan. Why did the mighty Michael not dare to accuse Satan openly? What were the dynamics of that interaction?
By the same token, how was the Prince of Persia able to withstand the Archangel, the messenger sent by Almighty God Himself, for 21 days? These are powerful beings. What should be the attitude of a Christian toward Satan, himself? How does God instruct us about that?


Michael’s behavior in Jude 8-9 was a matter of respect for a dignitary. Although he had rebelled, Satan held a higher rank than Michael. Jude’s point in these verses was that it’s disrespectful to slander celestial beings. We are to respect them whether they’re obedient or not. But we are not to fear them, and that includes Satan. James 4:7 says if we resist Satan he’ll flee from us, and 1 John 4:4 says the One who is in us is greater than the one who is the world.

The Prince of Persia was a powerful being, but remember he only withstood God’s messenger. It was Michael who intervened and freed the messenger to complete his assignment (Daniel 10:13).