Drug Use In the Bible?


Re: Will I Be Left Behind Because Of My Habits? I read in this article you state “the Bible doesn’t mention drug use” I agree 110% that the only requirement for salvation and being part of the rapture is believe alone, by faith alone and by Christ alone. 1 Thes 4:14 says if we believe that Jesus died & rose again we’re in. However, the Greek word translated sorcery in Gal 5:19-21 is “pharmakeia” where we get the English word pharmacy. It’s talking about drugs.


The Greek word pharmakeia can mean the use or administration of drugs. But in the Bible, it was used in the context of witchcraft or sorcery which involved the mixing of potions. It’s the feminine form of pharmakeus which means one who prepares or uses magical remedies. The root word from which both are derived is pharmakon, which is a spell giving potion.

I think comparing witchcraft or sorcery to the drug use of our day is a bit of a stretch, and that’s why I said we should apply the Bible’s position on drinking to drug use, modified by Paul’s admonition that we obey the law of the land (Romans 13:1).