Earth Without Believers?


I’m writing to clear something up, in connection to a question you answered about resurrection: “At the rapture, all believers who have previously died will be resurrected. This will leave the world completely devoid of believers for a time.”

I’m possibly misinterpreting the context, (apologies in advance if I am), but during the tribulation, wouldn’t many become believers (Tribulation saints). There would also be the 144,000 Jewish witnesses that would be spreading the WORD throughout the world; impervious to Anti-Christ’s attempts to get them out of the way. Either way, even as bad as things are bound to get, it sounds like there will be some evangelical influence, even during that horrific period.


Remember, I said the world will be devoid of believers “for a time”. Immediately after the rapture there will be no believers left on Earth. Then within a few days or weeks, when the reality that a large number of people have disappeared sinks in, people who had been leaning toward accepting the Lord will begin to do so as they realize that the Bible’s teaching about the pre-trib rapture is true. The rate of conversion will continue to increase as it becomes more obvious from the rapture and other signs that the end of the age is upon them. These converts are the ones we call Tribulation Saints.