Elenin And The Earthquakes


Be on the look out for another major earthquake on September 26-27 when Elenin is in alignment again with the Sun and Earth. When Elenin was aligned previously with the Sun and Earth, the Earth had major earthquakes: 2/27/10 – Chile; 9/1/10 – Christhchurch, New Zealand; and 3/11/11 – Japan. You can verify this on NASA’s website: Is it coincidental that the UN will be meeting/deciding at this same time (week of September 26) on establishing a Palestinian state?


NASA can verify Elenin’s position on those dates but does not attribute that to causing the earthquakes. The fact is there’s a major earthquake somewhere in the world almost every day now. Also Elenin’s size relative to Earth is such that its gravitational effect can barely be measured. One scientist says it’s equivalent to the effect of a mosquito hitting a super tanker. This would make it impossible for Elenin to have caused these Earthquakes. And finally, a number of competent observers claim Elenin has broken up and is no more, so if there is a major earthquake on Sept. 26 it will more likely be a continuation of current trends.