Elenin, Feast Of Trumpets, And The Rapture


I read recently that there is a comet Elenin that will cause 3 days of darkness during the 28-30 of Sept and the Jews celebrate the feast of the trumpets on 29 Sept when the new Moon is revealed, which may be a possible time for the rapture to occur since no man knows the day or hour because of the darkness and the Lord has fulfilled all the spring feasts in His first coming and will probably fulfill the rapture on the feast of the trumpets.


Most of what you hear about comet Elenin is unsupported opinion from people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Paul said people like this have a zeal for God but not according to knowledge (Romans 10:2). Those who do know what they’re talking about say you’ll be lucky to even see it let alone feel its effects. It’s closest approach to Earth will be about 21 million miles (on Oct 16) and its gravitational pull will be immeasurably miniscule. One astronomer said its effect on Earth will be similar to the effect a mosquito would have on a super tanker.

As for the rapture, I believe the time is near but remember, it’s a secret, signless event. There’s no Biblical support for any kind of warning that would alert us to its coming. Neither is there any Biblical support for the Rapture happening on the Feast of Trumpets. It will happen at a time no one on Earth could have predicted in advance, although as believers we should be living in a constant state of expectation.

I believe the 2nd Coming will fulfill the Feast of Trumpets based on hints from Scripture and the traditions surrounding that day. According to Matt. 24:31 a loud trumpet call will accompany His return. The Feast of Trumpets was called the day when no one would know the day or hour because it began on a new moon, when the moon was just a sliver in the sky and was easily obscured. Four times in the span of 13 verses Jesus said no man would know the day or hour of His return (Matt. 24:42, 44, 50, Matt. 25:13). The Feast of Trumpets begins a new year, the reigns of kings in Israel were dated from that day, and it’s likely that both Adam and the Lord were born on that day.