Rapture On The Feast Of Trumpets?


Your website is great. I fully expect something major to happen before President Bush leaves office-the Rapture of the Church-Ezekiel 38. I have heard (a well known prophecy teacher) say that he believes the rapture will take place during the Feast of the Trumpets, which would probably be September 2008. I certainly believe that it could occur at any time. What are your thoughts regarding the Feast of Trumpets theory?


Since the rapture is a secret event to happen at a time no one will know in advance, I don’t believe it will come on any day we could guess ahead of time.

Besides, I think it’s a number specific event not a date specific one. That means it will take place when the Church reaches its full membership regardless of the day or hour when that happens. Romans 11:25 says that Israel had been blinded in part until the full number of Gentiles comes in. I think Paul was talking about the Rapture.