The Rapture And The Feast Of Trumpets


Am I correct in saying that there are two scriptures that mention the time of the gentiles and they are.
a) That Israel is blinded until their full number is complete
b) Jerusalem will be trodden underfoot by the gentiles until their time is completed.
Is it not possible that the full number of gentiles to occur at the same time as the Jewish feast of trumpets??

He is Almighty and all things are in his hand so could the Lord not have these events occur at the same time?


Yes it is possible that the full number of Gentiles could be reached on The Feast of Trumpets, but no more so than on any other day, and that’s what’s important. It means that there is no day that any man can point to and say, “That will be the day of the Rapture.” Knowing neither the current number of believers, the target number, nor the growth rate it’s impossible for anyone other than God Himself to know the Rapture’s day or hour in advance.