End Times According to Daniel. Follow Up


In your study on The End Times According to Daniel (part 3), you state “With verse 36 we’ve shifted from history to prophecy”. You never state why you assume this is now in the future. Have you considered that possibly the king being spoken of is Herod the Great? He certainly fits the bill and then the history (history to us, future to Daniel) can just continue with astounding accuracy.


I said with Daniel 11: 36 we’ve shifted from history to prophecy because the things described in the rest of Daniel 11 have not happened yet. I strongly disagree that Herod fulfilled these prophecies in any sense, let alone “with astounding accuracy”. For example, besides helping Rome with Judea what lands did he invade and conquer? When did he extend his power over many countries including Egypt? Who were the kings of the North and South that he defeated? And by what measure do you consider his reign to be part of the times of the end? These things are all found in the remainder of Daniel 11.