End Times Timing


According to your article on Ez 38,39 you believe that the Church will be taken away to heaven before the battle. If that is the case, the preparation for the battle would have to take place almost immediately after the rapture; since the church will spend 7 years in heaven before we come back with the Lord. Daniel’s 70 th week needs to happen almost immediately, because the antichrist will make the 7 year peace treaty with the nation of Israel,and according to your study this event precedes the battle of the gogs.

But I always thought the 70th week would start immediately after the rapture, but if there’s need to make time for the war of the gogs then it would mean that we would be more than 7 years in heaven giving time for the battle of the gogs to start and finish and then go into the 70 th week with the 7 year peace treaty.

Are we talking of 7 1/2 or maybe 8 in heaven? How long will the battle of the Gogs last? Does the Bible give a time span of the battles? I never found how long it would last but maybe there’s some clue I never notice. Can you please give me more insight on this topic? Thanks and may God bless.


You’re making some assumptions here that aren’t necessarily true. The Bible doesn’t specify the length of our time in Heaven between the Rapture and the 2nd Coming. If it turns out to be exactly 7 years then the Rapture will have to take place concurrently with the beginning of Daniel’s 70th week.

This could happen, but it’s not required. The Rapture isn’t directly linked in Scripture to any other End Times prophecy. That’s why there’s so much speculation as to its timing.

We’re also not given the duration of Ezekiel’s battle. But it’s a single battle not a war, so I expect it to be over relatively quickly, perhaps in just a few days. The 7 months required to clean up could all happen during the 70th week.

As for the preparations for Ezekiel’s Battle, I think they’re in their final stages as you read this. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen right away, only that just about everybody is ready for it.