The Timing Of The End Times


One of your articles discusses the timing of the 6th plague and the change in magnetic fields regarding the north and south pole. Assuming that the sixth plague of earthquakes is fulfilled in 2012, how does that place the timing of Is. 17, Ez. 38/39, Daniels 70th week, etc? The point being that if we go through this summer without Is. 17, then it will be supernatural to say the least to squeeze war, false peace, war, and the anti-Christ peace into five years or less. What is your opinion of the scenario if we miss Is. 17 this summer? Is there any impact on the 2012 scenario?


I have observed that the effects of a magnetic polar reversal outlined by scientists appear very similar to the description of the 6th seal judgment in Rev. 6:12-14. That said, remember the comparison of end times events to birth pangs, slow and mild at the beginning becoming much more frequent and intense at the end.

Here’s what that means. Just yesterday (7-4-07) a political analyst from the Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies told The Daily Star Egypt that ‘moderate’ Palestinians are ready to sign a peace treaty with Israel. It would provide for a two-state solution “very close” to what former PM Arafat was said to have been offered at the 2000 Camp David meeting. He went on to state that in his opinion this could happen by the end of July 2007.

No one knows whether or not this will amount to anything, but if it does, it could eliminate the predicted “Summer War” and start the false peace that precedes Ezekiel 38. That would advance things substantially.

My point is that there’s still plenty of time, and we should expect things to happen suddenly and change unpredictably. I still believe that both Isaiah 17 and Ezek. 38 will precede Daniel’s 70th week, and the seal judgments will take place early in its first half.