An Example Of Female Angels?


In Zechariah 5:9, who are the two winged women, are they female angels?


Zechariah 5:9 speaks of two women with wings like those of a stork that Zechariah saw in one of his night visions. Although Zechariah’s guide in this vision is called an angel the two women are not. Furthermore they have wings “like a stork”. According to Leviticus 11:13-19 the stork is an unclean bird. And finally the basket they have been sent to carry contains another woman who is described as “wickedness’. And they are not carrying her to a place of imprisonment of judgment but to Babylon where a place will be prepared for her. Put these all together and I don’t think these women could be angels.
I believe this vision is a prophecy of the return of the Babylonian system from its current location to its place of origin for use by the anti-Christ in the last days.