Is God Both Male And Female?



In Gen 1:27, it says God created them in His image, both male and female. That is confusing because it sounds as if God is both male and female in spirit. Is God both male and female?



The confusion comes from the fact that Genesis 1 is God’s account of the Creation and Chapter 2 is Adam’s account based on what God had told him. In 2:7 Adam is repeating the story of his own creation, saying his body was formed first and then God breathed His spirit into it giving him life. The reason God created them male and female is because Adam and Eve were the only two humans directly created by God. From that time on the creation process was delegated to man in the form of pro-creation which requires both a man and a woman. As Paul explained, the union of man and woman is intended to be a model of Christ and the Church (Ephesians 5:22-33) and is not meant to imply anything about the Spirit of God.

Throughout the Bible, God is always referenced in the male gender. But God isn’t human and attempts to assign human characteristics to Him are doomed to failure. God created us in His image, and ever since then, unbelieving humans have tried to re-create God in ours. It doesn’t work.