Explaining Isaiah 24


I recently read Isaiah 24. However, I cannot find any discourse on this particular passage and would like to have some enlightenment on it. Having followed your teachings on many subjects, especially on end times, I would like your view on the passage if you would be so kind.



Isaiah 24 is a graphic description of the Great Tribulation and contains some interesting insights. Here’s a very brief overview. It begins by saying that everyone on Earth will be impacted, no matter what their station. This tells us the idea currently popular in some circles that the Great Tribulation will only impact the Middle East is incorrect.

In verse 5 we get the reason for the worldwide judgment. Mankind has frustrated the everlasting covenant.

Jesus died for the sins of humanity, and all we had to do is accept that and apply it personally. But man rejected this incredible act of sacrifice, and God is understandably angry. Therefore He’s pronounced a curse on Earth and its inhabitants. People in the West (post-Rapture believers) will be the first to acclaim His majesty, followed by those in the East (Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist), but the judgments will run their course.

God will use the occasion to punish the powers in the heavens as well because that’s who’s behind it. The entire planet will be devastated, but it will all come to an end when the Lord returns to establish His reign in Jerusalem at the 2nd Coming. One of His first jobs will be to restore the planet to the way it was before the Fall of Man (Matt. 19:28).