Explaining John 21:21-22


Re: John 21:21-22. Your interpretation of these verses would be appreciated. Did Jesus, having stepped down from his all knowing throne to assume the form of man, believe that he would be fulfilling the second coming during the lifetime of John? Or was he simply saying that its none of Peters business if John remains alive until his return? Both of these interpretations are hard for me to grasp. Why did Jesus have to forfeit His all knowing powers simply because he took on human form? Don’t His many supernatural miracles contradict that explanation?


The answer to your first question is contained in the surrounding verses. The Lord had just told Peter how he would die (John 21:18-19). When Peter asked, “What about him?” referring to John, Jesus essentially said, “Don’t worry about him, we’re talking about you” (John 21:21-22). Finally, John 21:23 tells us that because of this conversation a rumor spread in the early church that John wouldn’t die until the Lord came back. But John explained that’s not what the Lord meant.

As for Jesus forfeiting His all-knowing powers, in Matt. 24:36 He told the disciples that even He didn’t know all the details concerning His 2nd Coming while He was with them. They were revealed to Him after His ascension, and became the basis for the Book of Revelation (Rev. 1:1-2). And the Book of Acts demonstrates how Peter, Paul and other disciples performed miracles without having God’s all knowing power.