Explaining Our Absence


Many books and films have been created detailing what life might be like after the Rapture has occurred, and what explanations could be advanced for the disappearance of millions of people worldwide.

Apparently, the opponents of the Hadron Collider feared that this device would create a massive black hole which would destroy everything and everybody. Supposing they activated this device and the Rapture took place. The explanation might be that instead of creating one huge black hole, it created millions of mini black holes at random all over the earth. Those who were “taken” happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I understand that this device is planned for activation this Fall. Any thoughts?


Your guess is as good as mine. Personally I don’t think anything as scientific as all that will be necessary, and I don’t think there will be any convenient explanation for our disappearance. Instead I think it’ll be a question that will haunt people, like the identity of JFK’s assassin haunts people.

In Rev. 13:6 there’s an obscure reference to the anti-Christ blaspheming God, and slandering His Name, His dwelling place and “those who dwell in heaven”. I think the last phrase refers to us, and is an indication that he can’t tell the truth about our disappearance and with no logical explanation in its place, he has to resort to slander to deflect the issue.