Extending Life By Artificial Means


I have often wondered why God allows people to linger here when they are unable to stay alive unless they are on machines and drugs. My wife died from cancer and the doctors were keeping her alive with drugs and machines. When they told us that, we had them remove all life support and she went home to be with our Lord 6 hrs later. When there is no hope, why is their going home to the Lord delayed?


Keeping people alive by artificial means is not God’s idea, and before the medical profession found a way to cover the exorbitant costs of doing so, it wasn’t man’s idea either. You can thank them for most of this, with the able help of the people who sell the machines and the drugs. Why any believer, knowing what lies ahead, would want to extend his or her life on Earth (or that of loved one) in this manner is beyond me. As for why God allows this, remember He typically does not over ride our decisions, since He gave us the freedom of choice.